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      Beer Chilling Unit
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      Product Overview:

      Beer chilling unit adopts advanced refrigerant shunt technlogy. It can rapidly cooled the beer pumped out of the storage tank into 0~1.5℃. It is widely used in beer making proceses, such as, cooling before filter, cooling before filling and cooling when pouring and so on. The machine adopts automatic PLC control system, ajustable temperature control system according the customer's requirements, easy to install and operate. As long as connect the input and output line of the refrigeant shunt, and beer, the machine will be workable.


      Characteristics of the Equipment:

      1. International synchronized manufacturing technology, the main parts adopt imported famous brands.

      2. Automatic design, high accuracy of temperature control within ±0.2℃, no frozen.

      3. Flexible configuration that can be customized.

      4. Due to high accuracty of temperature control, it can effciently remove parts of macromolecular protein, and reduce the precursor caused by aging.

      5. High efficiency, low energy cost, safety and reliable, it can higher the beer quality and better the taste.



      As the capacity is customized and varies, the machine size, weight, power and packing size and so on will be different.

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