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      Beer Cooling Unit
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      Product Overview:

      Compared with present technology, this machine has the advantages of resonable in design, simple structure, compact, quick temperature lowing, saving energy consumption and costs and so on. The cooler can instantly cooling the beer from high temperature of 120 ℃ to -1 ℃, that it can divide some turbid things from the beer to higher the beer quality and better the taste.


      Characteristics of the Equipment:

      1. Adopts 316L stainless steel that half welded with APV technology, it has the advantage of high intensity, that will avoid the problem of leaking into beer or the space. 

      2. Reasonable flow design that not only prevent the yeast or other granule from accreting the plate to reduce the cooling effects, but also make the beer placidly flow to reduce the dissolve CO2 escaping. 

      3. All the automatic and manual ammonia valves for Nh3 are Danfoss.

      4. The control system adopts MITSUBISHI automatic PLC contro.

      5. Compact that can be installed int fermentation area. 

      6. The plate of heat exchanger of the ammonia cooling system is controlled by Danfoss ammonia automatic cooling system, which has triple safe guard and will be frozed.



      As the capacity is customized, the machine size, weight, power and package size will be different.

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