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      CIP Cleaning System




      Equipment Specifications:

      Perfect pure draft CIP design is divided into four parts:  filter before cold CIP thermal CIP, before and after thermal CIP, filter after the CIP and block the cross contamination.

      1. this system both the tank and popeline cleaning, also considered the filtrationg system of cleaning; CIP tank body can be self-cleaning.

      2. this system can be for manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic control: including temperature, pressure, liquid level, concentration and flow control.

      3. the technological process includes: cold hot water wash, hot alkaline cleaning, alkali wash, picking, detergent to wash, clean water, washed off oxygen, brewing water and so on.

      4. major equipment: hot pot, hot alkali pot, cold alkali, acid tank, detergent tank, recycling water, brewing water tank, automatic CIP delivery pump, heater, acid and alkali adding pump, conductivity meter, UVsterilizer, etc.


      Charasteristics of the Equipment:

      1. design rational layout, eqipment imported 2 b stainless steel materials, internal surface polishing 0.4 microns or less, the external surface of 0.8 microns or less, equipment whole beautiful and easy.

      2. recycle alkaline water and steam, save energy and meet the requirments of each section of the cleaning process, improve efficiency.

      3. per shift, the operator simply configure strong lye and transformation CIP feed distribution board; other word all can automatically controlled. manual monitoring, equipped with touch monitor, display intuitive CIP cleaning stations all system parameters, and can be convenient to modify the parameters according to the cleaning process.

      4. tank cleaning solution concentration automatic monitoring, automatic add thick lotion.

      5. tank washing liquid level automatic monitoring, automatic supply water.


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