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      Wenzhou Xinzhou Light Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd
      Add:No.62 Meiyuan East Road, Guoxi Town, Ouhai Zone, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China
      Mobile:18357708333 18858700967
      E-mail: sales@wzxinzhou.com
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      Fermentation Equipment




      Brief Description:

      Our company has full experiece in manufacturing and installing beer fermentation tanks and bright beer tanks for many years, and has manufactured more than one thousand units. Futhermore, our company pays high attention on improve the efficiency of the fermentation tanks, and has founded a set of effective control patterns for low-termperature control on fermentation. The stainless steel fermentation tanks will be mechanical polishing and complete in one time, easy to clean, surface roughness only be within 0.4um.


      Characteristic of the Equipment:

      We can design various volumes of fermentation tanks and bright beer tanks, diameters of heights will be according to customers; requirements. the features will be bellow:

      1. Tank diameter: Φ1800mm~Φ7000mm.

      2. Effective volume: 10m3~600m3.

      3. Cooling jacket form: semi-round pipe type or honeycomb plate type.

      4. Cooling media: direct cooling of alcohol, water or liquid ammonia.

      5. Support pattern: by foot or seat.

      6. Mechanical polishing treatment on internal surface of lank: surface roughness≤0.4um.



      As the capacity is customized and varies, the machine size, weight, power and packing size and so on will be different.

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