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      Wenzhou Xinzhou Light Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd
      Add:No.62 Meiyuan East Road, Guoxi Town, Ouhai Zone, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China
      Mobile:18357708333 18858700967
      E-mail: sales@wzxinzhou.com
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      Process Piping System




      Product Specification:

      As the health level of thin wall pipe is widely used in beer and food technology, especially in the beer production process, a large number of foreign advanced technology and equipment imported, make my company comply with the time request, set us a set of pipeline engineering design, installation, construction in one of the professional installation team, the process piping and equipment perfectly together, makes every effort to make the whole stainless steel piping system on the basis of the practical application, hygienization more artistic and beautiful; to achieve first-class installation level, the compny is equipped with international famouls brand argon arc welding machine ,automatic argon arc welding machine, George fisher, the pipe cutting machine, pipe butt special fixture, equipment and so on to have rich practical experence of the site construction team provides the priactical welding quality assurance.

      We can design according to users' requirements, a full set of beer saccharification, fermentation, wine, CIP systems such as automatic or manual control flow chart of process pipeline and equipment layout.


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