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      Wenzhou Xinzhou Light Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd
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      Automatic Yeast Breeding System




      Characteristic of the Equipment:

      The system is used for superior yeast breeding in beer production and effective purity storage of microzyme species. To ensure an excellent sterile production, the internal surface is polished as a mirror surface. Without dead corner, easy to clean, the control and acutation elements are all imported products.

      Imported touch screen is adopted for control in the control system to carry to automatic control on the wholie yeast breeding procedure, make setting of various parameters and free switching between manual control and automatic control and display the follows:

      1. whole production process;

      2. Instantaneous flow rate and accumulated folw rare of wheat juice and oxygen compensated;

      3. Temperature and pressure of breeding tanks in all stages;

      4. Dynamic simulation of liquid level in breeding tanks in all stages;

      5. Provided with complete CIP system, air and steam filter system


      As the capacity is customized and varies, the machine size, weight, power and packing size and so on will be different.

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